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Anonymous inquired:

aw. i was hoping you guys would open another season this summer... then i really would have applied

Aw! *sad face*

You know, we just advertised for 2 games that we’ll be playing in as tributes over the summer, and then we’ll be back in the fall! I know school starts so that might suck, but we strongly encourage you to check us out anyways! And still, the next two games in our “cycle” (if you will) are real quality. WoFM is going on it’s 7th season, so go check it out and come hang with us, greyface!

- Gm Xanthus

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With the conclusion of the awards and our victor’s interview (found on Ferris & Finn) that’s a wrap on our most successful season yet. When we first opened up for reserves we were floored by the interest you guys showed and ever since then you’ve kept us in awe of each and single one of you. We couldn’t have done this without your amazing tributes who have made this season memorable. So thank you once again for all of your hardwork. 

Now it’s time for us to pass the torch to other games, while we play around with being tributes once more. We will be back for APOG19 later in the year, so stay tuned. We have plenty more surprises in store for you. 

Until then, may the odds be ever in your favour.

~GM Xanthus and GM Nausicaa


Anonymous inquired:

Hihi, I'm just a nonnie that's been watching from the distance. Can I just say how awesome this season has been? All the characters are lovely, and the plots and events were incredible! Can't wait for the next one ;)

Hey greyface! It’s so cool knowing that someone was watching from a distance! I hope next season you decide to apply! Even if you don’t, it just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy that non-tributes are enjoying our games as well! Thanks for the compliments and I’ll pass the word onto everyone, since this is mostly for them!

- GM Xanthus

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Finally, you voted your favourite punisment/GM interaction as the punishment that occurred between Delilah Lalonde and GM Xanthus. 

With an honourable mention to Carly-Beth Lovett/Xanthus and Zeke/Xanthus.

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You voted Sutter Galbraith and Tessa Hale’s plotline as the most developed of this season. 

With an honourable mention to Charlie St-Claire, Joule Alvarez and Fox Delarue. 

The writer’s that gave you the most feels were Katie (Sutter Galbraith) and Maddie (Tessa Hale).

Your favourite addition to APOG this year was the introduction of our hosts Ferris & Finn. 

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Your favourite over-all moment was the Scavenger Hunt.

With the Stella reveal, Arena and the Delilah/Fox Rivalry getting an honourable mention. 

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You said the funniest moment of this year’s games was Zeke’s punishment. 

With an honourable mention to APOG’s golf carts and Daphne/Fox/Imogene getting high together. 

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You said that the saddest moment of this year’s games was Tessa Hale’s death (and all the feels that came with it). 

An honourable mention goes to Colt’s death. 

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Your favourite parade costume went to District 10 and the sheep. 

With an honourable mention to both District 4 and District 8. 

Your favourite ship was Tester, the pairing of Tessa Hale and Sutter Galbraith.

With an honourable mention to Zevery (Zeke and Avery) and Fulster (Imogene and Garrick).

The tribute you thought died too soon was Adam ‘Adagio’ Moretta.

With an honourable mention to Sabine Ashlar and Carly-Beth Lovett. 

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Your favourite kill story of this season was Sutter Galbraith and Tessa Hale versus Delilah Lalonde.

With an honourable mention to Delilah Lalonde versus Charlie St-Claire and Colt Reeves. 

The saddest death of this season’s games was the death of Tessa Hale by Delilah Lalonde and (reluctantly) Sutter Galbraith. 

With an honourable mention to Colt Reeves by Delilah Lalonde. 

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#APOGAwards18 #APOG18 #Tessa Hale