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Anonymous inquired:

what is the game you are in now called

Nausicaa and I are over at a Games called The Bloody Pageant. It’s their first season and it’s been pretty cool so far! We are nearly to PTs so they aren’t open for new tributes or anything, but you can always check them out anyways!

- GM Xanthus

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Anonymous inquired:

how important are gifs in this rp? i have an fc i'd like to use, and they have a lot of images, but only a few gifs

Hey nonnie! GIFs are not important at all. They are fun to have, but not necessary. Depending on how we post Tribute Bios, we would need at least one decent GIF or some good photos. I wouldn’t let that sway you from chosing an FC you really want, though. Honestly, neither Nausicaa or I have very good GIF editing skills, so we’d most likely just use images instead for everything.

I’m in a THG RP right now and my FC has the least amount of GIFs and images imaginable really. It’s crazy. I will tell you that every day I wish he had more images so I could make edits and things, so, for everyone else, if that’s something that’s important to you, then keep that in mind. 

If you’re thinking of joining, feel free to peruse our links. There’s a Previously Used/Banned FCs page if you’re interested in that. You’ll find everything you might want to know before signing up with us! And as always, as the time grows near, I’ll be checking in more frequently, so please send us any questions you may have!


- GM Xanthus

Anonymous inquired:

Starting up again sometime soon..? :D

Oh gosh! I don’t know how old this is, but let me tell you… the answer is YES! 

I need to confirm with GM Nausicaa, but look for us in May! We’ll post most information once we finalize a date. But trust me, we’re coming back. I have the arena all ready!


- GM Xanthus

With the awards finished we are on hiatus. Gamemaker Xanthus and I are both ready to be tributes and we will keep you updated as soon as we make plans for our fourth season. 

Thank you again for all who participated, you are an amazing bunch of people and we couldn’t do this without you.

~GM Xanthus and GM Nausicaa

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And finally…your favourite tribute was Shamus Macgowan!

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The saddest moment of the games has been deemed to be all of Levi’s hallucinations of Starling after her death.

The favourite moment of the games has been voted as the Game Maker’s twist to fight for the tokens to ensure two victors could be crowned.

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The friendliest tribute of this years games was Amely Allen.

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Samara Noxx has been voted the scariest tribute.

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#APOG 17 #Awards17 #Samara Noxx

Sebastian Rovenski and Lura Crivelli have been voted the tributes who died too soon.

Your favourite ship was Shiv (Shamus Macgown and Olivia Rovenskaya)

Blair Collingwood has won the best ks/death.

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#APOG 17 #Awards17 #Blair Collingwood

Levi Jameson has been voted the tribute who made it further than you thought they would. 

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#APOG 17 #Awards17 #Levi Jameson

Your favourite FC was Grey Damon (Shamus Macgowan)

With an honourable mention to Logan Lerman (Gunnar Hemlock)

Awards will be posted in 20 minutes!

We just want to thank everyone again and we look forward to seeing you next season!

- GM Xanthus & GM Nausicaa

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