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The ultimate roleplay crossover Games is finally here! Hunger Games meets Battle Royale in the 17th Games for A Piece in our Games, a Hunger Games role play blog. If you’re a fan of Hunger Games RPs and are looking for some variety, this is the answer! If you’re a Battle Royale fan or a Hunger Games fan and looking to try out role playing, this would be the perfect season for you to give it a go! 

Tribute reservations open on Friday, September 13th at 5:00 pm EST.

Create your own original character, compete as a tribute in a Hunger Games role play with Battle Royale twists! Want more information about APOG or the HG/BR Crossover for the 17th Games? Check these links:

      APOG Home || 17th Games || FAQ || Ask || Meet the GMs || Rules

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